Usnea australis

Usnea australis

Aperture f/2.8
Shutter Speed 1/125
ISO 100
Focal Length 60mm
Extension Tubes No
Lens 60mm f/2.8 Macro
Flash Fired
Cropped 48%
2 Comments Categories: Ascomycota Fungi

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2 Replies to “Beard lichen”

  1. How can you tell the difference between lichen species? The lichen I saw at the cottage (Georgian Bay area, Canada) looked pretty well the same to me. In fact, how do you actually find out what species anything is? I saw some caterpillars at the cottage which I thought were very distinctive, but I can’t for the life of me find what the heck they are. Yes, I looked on,, plus a host of other sites…

    BTW, love your pics, nice too see someone else who is nuts over lichen and flies and weeds. When you come back, I’ll have to show you some of my toad tadpole pics — you can see the guts! 🙂

  2. Try Wikispecies also localised Museum websites often provide valuable reference information. Google images can often help with a visual reference, but be careful as there are a lot of misnamed items on there.

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